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  • Securing an IT Organization through Governance, Risk Management, and Audit

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    The real value of this methodology is to reduce the knowledge fog that frequently engulfs senior business management, and results in the false conclusion that overseeing security controls for information systems is not a leadership role or responsibility but a technical management task. By carefully reading, implementing, and practicing the techniques and methodologies outlined in this book, you can successfully implement a plan that increases security and lowers risk for you and your organization.

  • Security and Auditing of Smart Devices: Managing Proliferation of Confidential Data on Corporate and BYOD Devices

    $42.99 price including tax

    Sajay Rai has more than 30 years of experience in information technology, specializing in information technology processes, IT architecture, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, privacy, IT audit and information risk. Mr. Rai is the Founder and CEO of Securely Yours LLC, which is focused on delivering innovative solutions through delivery channels like Software-as-a-Service, Managed Services and traditional IT consulting.

  • Software Quality Assurance: Integrating Testing, Security, and Audit

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    The book is divided into four sections: The first section addresses the basic concepts of software quality, validation and verification, and audits. The second section is about testing. It discusses test plans and strategy and introduces a step-by-step test design process along with a sample test case. The third section deals with security breaches and defects that may occur. It discusses documentation and classification of incidences as well as how to handle an occurrence. The fourth and final section provides examples of security issues along with a security policy document and addresses the planning aspects of an information audit.

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  • The CISO Journey: Life Lessons and Concepts to Accelerate Your Professional Development

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    The elements are selected to accelerate the development of CISO skills critical to success. Each segments clearly calls out lessons learned and skills to be developed. The last segment of the book addresses presenting security to senior execs and board members, and provides sample content and materials.

  • The Complete Guide to Cybersecurity Risks and Controls

    $46.73 price including tax

    The book is based on the belief that ICT operation is a strategic governance issue rather than a technical concern. With the exponential growth of security breaches and the increasing dependency on external business partners to achieve organizational success, the effective use of ICT governance and enterprise-wide frameworks to guide the implementation of integrated security controls are critical in order to mitigate data theft. Surprisingly, many organizations do not have formal processes or policies to protect their assets from internal or external threats.

  • The Data Protection Officer: Profession, Rules, and Role

    $53.27 price including tax

    The specific definitions and building blocks of the data protection regime are enhanced by the new General Data Protection Regulation and therefore the DPO will be very active in passing the message and requirements of the new data protection regime throughout the organization. This book explains the roles and responsiblies of the DPO, as well as highlights the potential cost of getting data protection wrong.

  • Why CISOs Fail: The Missing Link in Security Management–and How to Fix It


    The author examines the reasons and suggests how to fix them. The resulting improvement is highly beneficial to any corporation that chooses to pursue this approach or strategy and from a bottom-line and business operations perspective, not just in technical operations. This book transforms the understanding of the role of the CISO, the selection process for a CISO, and the financial impact that security plays in any organization