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    Leading the Internal Audit Function (Internal Audit and IT Audit)


    Leading the Internal Audit Function includes real-life examples, scenarios, and lessons learned from internal auditors and CAEs to emphasize the importance of carefully managing all aspects of the internal audit. The author summarizes her many lessons learned into ten “commandments” for both CAEs and internal auditors. By following the guidelines in this book, you should be well-equipped to gain management support, perform effective and ethical audits, and uphold IIA Standards.

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    Mastering the Five Tiers of Audit Competency: The Essence of Effective Auditing


    This book details the behaviors you need to demonstrate and the habitual actions you need to take at each phase in an audit to manage the people relationships as well as the work itself. Each section of this book is devoted to a component of the audit: planning, detailed risk and control assessment, testing, audit report writing, project management, audit team management, and client relationship management.

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    Operational Assessment of IT


    After reading this book, you will be able to devise more efficient and economical ways to meet your customers’ requirements, no matter who or where your customers are. You will learn that the goal of any process is to service or supply customers with what they want. The book provides tools and techniques that will assist you in gaining a 360-degree view of the process so that you can help the business unit improve the delivery of a quality product or a service to the customer.

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    Operational Auditing: Principles and Techniques for a Changing World


    Hernan Murdock is the president of Murdock Global Advisors, an internal audit, corporate governance, and human capital consulting firm. Previously, he was the director of training and development at a global internal audit firm. He has performed audit and consulting projects for clients in the manufacturing, transportation, high tech, education, insurance and power generation industries.Dr. Murdock is a senior lecturer at Northeastern University where he teaches management, leadership and ethics and frequently teaches courses for the MIS Training Institute. He is the author of 10 Key Techniques to Improve Team Productivity and Using Surveys in Internal Audits, both published by the IIA Research Foundation. He has also written articles and book chapters on whistle blowing programs, international auditing, mentoring programs, fraud, deception, corporate social responsibility, and behavioral profiling. He has delivered seminars and invited talks, and made numerous presentations at internal audit, academic and government functions in North America, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

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    Practitioner’s Guide to Business Impact Analysis


    The book provides charts, checklists and flow diagrams that give the roadmap to collect, collate and analyze data, and give enterprise management the entire mapping for controls that comprehensively covers all compliance that the enterprise is subject to have. The book helps professionals build a control framework tailored for an enterprise that covers best practices and relevant standards applicable to the enterprise.

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    Securing an IT Organization through Governance, Risk Management, and Audit


    The real value of this methodology is to reduce the knowledge fog that frequently engulfs senior business management, and results in the false conclusion that overseeing security controls for information systems is not a leadership role or responsibility but a technical management task. By carefully reading, implementing, and practicing the techniques and methodologies outlined in this book, you can successfully implement a plan that increases security and lowers risk for you and your organization.

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    Security and Auditing of Smart Devices: Managing Proliferation of Confidential Data on Corporate and BYOD Devices


    Sajay Rai has more than 30 years of experience in information technology, specializing in information technology processes, IT architecture, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, privacy, IT audit and information risk. Mr. Rai is the Founder and CEO of Securely Yours LLC, which is focused on delivering innovative solutions through delivery channels like Software-as-a-Service, Managed Services and traditional IT consulting.