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What is the value proposition of TheGRCBlueBook?  The answer may be best explained by what it is not.  We are not LinkedIn, where groups are siloed by risk specialty, industry or self-declared standards.  TGBB does not promote a framework or espouse a preference for one tool over another.

 TGBB is organized around the tools all risk, audit, and compliance professionals use. 

TGBB understands that silos prevent open and robust conversations about risk.  We endeavor to share what’s working and learn from others without competing.  Risks are not one dimensional nor are they so unique that one industry’s approach to solving problems may lead to new awareness not considered by a risk professional in another industry. 

TGB B is grounded by the database of GRC tools and solutions providers however as each organization implements these solutions your unique lessons learned add color to the benefits and opportunities for improving these tools. 

The challenge: How do I share these lessons while not exposing myself and my firm to reputation risk?  The answer is that no proprietary information is requested.  Lessons learned, product reviews and product ratings can and should be shared as opportunities to learn from others.  What you give can be returned in full measure from the lessons of others.  In the coming months we will lead by example with personals interviews of GRC users and, hopefully informative testimonials as well.

What’s in it for you?  That depends.  If you participate others will begin to share their stories and we all may learn more as a result.  If you have considered a GRC vendor solution and others provide reviews or ratings of these products you will learn from the experience of others.  We have chosen to not write or pay for reviews to prevent inherent conflicts of interest but more importantly this concept is founded on the belief that users are the best source of information for these solutions. 

What we have learned is that the current sources of information about GRC tools and solutions are not sufficient for making informed buying decisions.  Even more critical to the buying decision is a more fundamental question: What is the most effective approach to integrate these solutions in my organization that adds the most value to managing risks and addressing my problems? 

It’s a bold experiment in trust!  Information provided on this site is for the benefit of the members of TheGRCBlueBook.  It’s free and will remain so. 

So what is the value proposition?  YOU!  Your experience, your feedback, your lessons!  You may be surprised that you get more than you imagined by participating. 

TheGRCBlueBook mission is to become a global risk and compliance community site and resource portal for sharing best practice across all highly regulated industries.  A one stop source for all things risk and compliance related.

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