TheGRCBlueBook launches new GRC Vendor comparison tool!

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TheGRCBlueBook launches new GRC Vendor comparison tool!



Lincoln, Rhode Island; November 4, 2013 – TheGRCBlueBook .com, the largest online directory of GRC vendors on the web, will launch November 10th its newest tool in the GRC Tools & Reviews database.   The GRC Tools & Reviews will allow users to compare thousands of GRC solutions with the click of a key stroke!

Research firms such as Gartner and Forrester sell information and promote a small percentage of GRC vendors for thousands of dollars!  TheGRCBlueBook provides a complete listing of GRC vendors absolutely FREE or charge with no conflicts of interest.

More recently the Open Compliance & Ethics Group or (“”) in collaboration with Michael Rasmussen has jumped in the “pay to play” game for GRC tools!

TheGRCBlueBook is the only web portal with thousands of GRC vendors offered for FREE to its membership!” said James Bone, Executive Director.  Others may try to copy TheGRCBlueBook but why pay for information that is FREE!  TheGRCBlueBook members receive discounts and benefits to events and conferences for risk professionals and new services and products.

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