The first ever GRC Index!

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The first ever GRC Index!

…coming this fall 2019!

TheGRCBlueBook is launching the first ever GRC Index!

A GRC Index is the first comprehensive research report on technology to manage risk that is unbiased, free of marketing hype and GRC punditry!

TheGRCBlueBook was founded on the premise of bringing transparency to the GRC marketplace. Today’s marketing on GRC solutions has become confusing as a result of excessive marketing jargon, conflicts of interest by GRC pundits and researchers who have never managed risks!

The GRC Index has been created by RISK PROFESSIONALS for RISK PROFESSIONALS because we understand you want to know how technology is used to manage your risks……not some generic solution that doesn’t help you solve your problems.

The attached document is a draft of what will become the largest collection of research on GRC technology solutions to manage a range of risks. Our goal is to become “the” trusted resources for buyers of GRC solutions, buyers of GRC companies and GRC solutions providers who all want unbiased insights on the marketplace for technology to manage risks of all kinds.

The GRC Index will become the largest source of insight into the global market for solutions to manage risks!

Coming this fall from TheGRCBlueBook! – The first GRC Index to give risk professional a real choice for selecting the tools that work best at managing your risks!

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