Provider Directory Solutions: Market Assessment and Opport..

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Provider Directory Solutions: Market Assessment and Opportunities Analysis

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free_186042 images for thegrcbluebook handshakeDeveloping, populating, and maintaining the “ideal” provider directory solution is a complex proposition, with many details to consider; however, it is important to take a step back and consider the business drivers and customer needs first. In doing so, let’s imagine we are a business conducting a careful market analysis—ultimately, we need to answer the following question. Is there is a real demand for a new kind of provider directory solution, such that we are willing to put capital at risk to develop it?
In HIE there has been a constant tension between the worthy goal of total data liquidity (making the right health data available to treating clinicians and public health experts, at the right place and time) and viable, long-term business models (coming up with services that deliver enough business value that customers are willing to pay for them). Policymakers need to be cautious of creating artificial demand in the near- to mid-term for services that may not be viable in the long-term. At the same time, a short-term financial “spark” may be just what certain technologies need to achieve scale and prove the value that will lead to sustainability.

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