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Letter from the Executive Director, October 2013, TheGRCBlueBook

Fenway ParkNew England is ablaze with Fall Foliage in full color and the Red Sox are preparing for their first game of the World Series!  I have to admit that I am both a St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox fan.  I attended college in Missouri and the Cardinals AAA team play in a beautiful stadium in downtown Springfield, Mo, home of Brad Pitt.  You know…. Angelina Jolie’s husband! 

However, after living in New England for more than 20 years I have finally become a true Bean Town fan.  I can’t lose either way so I will enjoy the first two games in Missouri with my Cardinal buddies and the rest of the series with my Red Sox pals.  Play ball!

The fall season also ushers in a full complement of events and conferences focused on risk management and training that you may find inviting.  TheGRCBlueBook is proud to recognize our dedicated media sponsors who provide discounts for our members, but more importantly, world class education, conferences, and resources to prepare you for what is shaping up to be a very busy 2014.  These programs will help you stay abreast of new regulatory mandates and prepare to meet them with timely best practice and strategic approaches to enhance your program.

Let me introduce our media sponsors and invite you to take advantage of TheGRCBlueBook discounts and these great educational opportunities.  First in our line-up, is the 2nd Annual Enterprise Risk Management conference a CFP Event October 28 – 29, 2013 NYC.   There is still time to make this event!

Batting second is Marcus Evans with two programs:  2nd Annual Conference on Measuring and Managing Operational Risk, November 13 – 15 in London, UK, and the 9th Edition Stress Testing Conference, November 18 – 19 in London, UK.    

Batting third is Retail Deposit Optimization and Strategic Management Conference December 5-6, 2013, New York City.  We also have a new designated big hitter who has joined the club.  Please welcome CLO Summit, December 8-10, 2013, St. Regis, Monarch Beach, Dana Point, CA.  The hotel is sold out so hurry to register for this conference!

And last, but not least!  3rd Edition Model Risk Conference, January 27-29, 2014,  San Francisco, CA!  We hope that you enjoy these program offerings and take advantage of the great discounts offered through TheGRCBlueBook!   

Enjoy the World Series!  Go Cardinals/Red Sox!

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