Global GRC User Sentiment Survey 2018

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Global GRC User Sentiment Survey 2018

The GRC Marketplace is expanding globally

The global market for risk technology has rapidly evolved over the last 20 years from single solution providers into platforms with cloud features and advanced analytics. The term “GRC” (governance, risk & compliance) has also undergone a metamorphosis in attempts to describe aspirational solutions that have yet to fully live up to the goals of GRC users.

Terms such as; enterprise risk management, integrated risk management, RegTech, InsureTech, and even FinTech are interchangeably used in a confusing alphabet soup of marketing jargon that fails at providing information about the tools themselves.

Given this change TheGRCBlueBook has sponsored a survey to assess how well GRC solutions are meeting the expectations of the market. The attached survey has some positive and surprising findings as well as opportunities for improvement for GRC solution providers and GRC users as well!

I hope that you find this report interesting and would appreciate any feedback that you would like to offer or comments about this report.

James Bone, Executive Director

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