Customers rate their Corporate Performance Management (CPM..

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Customers rate their Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Vendors – Gartner Survey

stock-photo-8800639-business-womanGartner recently published the results of its 2012 survey of 13 Corporate Performance Management vendors with 275 customer respondents.   In comparison, TheGRCBlueBook has 44 vendors in the category of Corporate Performance Management in this category therefore the Gartner survey is skewed toward the top 25th percentile of the category.

Some the key findings include an overall improvement in customer satisfaction scores from the 2011 survey results, mid-tier CPM vendors have competitive products and services relative to their larger competitors, the CPM value proposition is relatively high versus cost however the most surprising finding may be that Software as a Service (“SaaS”) has not proven to be as cost effective as traditional solutions. 

Survey respondents were asked to estimate the total cost of implementation with a breakdown of their organizations’ CPM based on five categories:  (consulting, system integration, managed services, hosting, and outsourced process).   However, given the range and diversity of customers and number of implementations the survey findings may best be described as inconclusive. 

Oracle’s implementations were listed as the most expensive however the survey may not reflect a true comparison of comparable clients.  A more detailed analysis of costs, scope of project, retirement of technology and other factors would be required to validate the cost of SaaS over traditional solutions.

Overall, corporate performance management vendors have high quality product offerings that add value and perform as expected.  The range of CPM vendors is quite wide therefore selection of these vendors requires an in-depth analysis of cost, comparable solutions, client need, and a vision toward how a vendor will scale its services as each firm grows and matures.

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