CEO Challenge 2013 – The Conference Board

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CEO Challenge 2013 – The Conference Board

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In today’s slow-growth global economy, CEOs are taking a hard look at their own
organizations, employees, customers, levels of efficiency, and innovation skills to plot
a winning course in a challenging environment. This is the most important new insight
to emerge from responses to the 2013 edition of The Conference Board CEO Challenge
survey. Compared to last year’s survey, CEOs appear somewhat less concerned than
participants in previous years about external factors in the business environment
that they cannot control (e.g., macro issues of risk and regulation). Instead, they are
focusing on people-driven strategies to counter slow market and economic growth and
improve performance.

Managing in a slow-growth environment presents a unique set of challenges for
business leaders across the globe as they seek to leverage Human Capital, Innovation,
and Operational Excellence to create value. In many ways, meeting these challenges is
about engaging and retaining talent and improving processes and existing customer
relationships to stay neck and neck with competitors—or even an inch or two ahead.

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