Breaking Barriers to Learn From Past Disasters, by Dr. All..

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Breaking Barriers to Learn From Past Disasters, by Dr. Allan Bonner, MA, MSc, DBA, LLM, MScPI

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Allan BonnerIf you’re a manager in charge of making your facility safer, you have your hands full.  It’s probably not your only duty.  When you do get to turn your mind to loss prevention, you have countless things you could do. Where to start? 

Most activities have some value, but what you can learn from past disasters is of special value.  There is an authenticity to this learning not offered by modeling, simulations or other means (Barton: 8, Pauchant and Mitroff: 91).  Your bosses and colleagues can hardly argue with what you uncover—it actually happened at least once. 

If you’re in the private sector, you owe it to those who pay your salary to use all possible tools to reduce loss.  Politicians and public sector managers owe constituents and taxpayers their best efforts.  All of us must ‘draw out the maximum amount of information from those lessons and . . . apply it to reduce future suffering’ (Toft and Reynolds: xi  in SCSPO 4: 7). 

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