Basel III: Regulatory Capital Rule Final Draft

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Basel III: Regulatory Capital Rule Final Draft

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In this NPR, the agencies are proposing to revise their risk-based and leverage capital
requirements consistent with agreements reached by the Basel Committee on Banking
Supervision (BCBS) in “Basel III: A Global Regulatory Framework for More Resilient Banks and Banking Systems” (Basel III). The proposed revisions would include implementation of a new common equity tier 1 minimum capital requirement, a higher minimum tier 1 capital requirement, and, for banking organizations subject to the advanced approaches capital rules, a supplementary leverage ratio that incorporates a broader set of exposures in the denominator measure.

Additionally, consistent with Basel III, the agencies are proposing to apply limits on a banking organization’s capital distributions and certain discretionary bonus payments if the banking organization does not hold a specified amount of common equity tier 1 capital in addition to the amount necessary to meet its minimum risk-based capital requirements. This NPR also would establish more conservative standards for including an instrument in regulatory capital. As discussed in the proposal, the revisions set forth in this NPR are consistent with section 171 of the Dodd-Frank Act, which requires the agencies to establish minimum risk-based and leverage capital requirements.

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