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2017-12-21 by: James Bone Categories: Risk Management Pervasive Search by Synthexis

Palestinian fishermen ride their boat at the Seaport of Gaza City April 4, 2016. Israel has extended the distance it permits Gaza fishermen to head out to sea along certain parts of the coastline of the enclave, which is run by the Islamist group Hamas.
REUTERS/Suhaib Salem


Synthexis is a research focused investigative and consulting firm working in the area of emerging software technologies. Synthexis provides business advisory services to vendors and buyers of cognitive computing, search and text analytics technologies. We maintain active research programs in these areas, write about these topics, speak at industry conferences, craft marketing messages, and analyze strategy and positioning for our clients. Our analysts represent over 50
years in the IT and online industries.
2017-12-09 by: James Bone Categories: Risk Management Is Cognitive Computing the Next Step to Help Fight Cybercrime?

James Bone, executive director, of TheGRCBlueBook participated in a webinar sponsored by IBM on the future of cybersecurity with two esteemed colleagues,  Research Professor / Founding Director, Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory, Carnegie Mellon University and  Technical Specialist, IBM Security.

In this webinar we will look at cognitive security – the concept of using data mining, machine learning, natural language processing and human-computer interaction to mimic the way the human brain functions and learns – in order to help fight cybercrime.