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2016-02-09 by: James Bone Categories: Risk Management IBM 2015 Cyber Security Intelligence Index

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IBM Managed Security Services continuously monitors billions of events per year, as reported by more than 8,000 client devices in over 100 countries. This report is based on data IBM collected between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2014 in the course of monitoring client security devices as well as data derived from responding to and performing analysis on cyber attack incidents. Because our client profiles can differ significantly across industries and company size, we have normalized the data for this report to describe an average client organization as having between 1,000 and 5,000 employees, with approximately 500 security devices deployed within its network.

2016-02-04 by: James Bone Categories: Risk Management Cutting through the noise around financial technology – McKinsey & Company

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Banking has historically been one of the business sectors most resistant to disruption by technology. Since the first mortgage was issued in England in the 11th century, banks have built robust businesses with multiple moats: ubiquitous distribution through branches; unique expertise such as credit underwriting underpinned by both data and judgment; even the special status of being regulated institutions that supply credit, the lifeblood of economic growth, and have sovereign insurance for their liabilities (deposits). Moreover, consumer inertia in financial services is high. Consumers have generally been slow to change financial-services providers. Particularly in developed markets, consumers have historically gravitated toward the established and enduring brands in banking and insurance that were seen as bulwarks of stability even in times of turbulence.


2016-02-03 by: James Bone Categories: Risk Management 19th Annual Global CEO Survey / January 2016 PriceWaterhouseCoopers

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How to lead in complicated times? That’s the question all CEOs are seeking to answer at a time of prolonged and continuing uncertainty.  As they look forward to the year ahead CEOs are less confident about prospects for the global economy than they were in 2015. The same is true overall when they consider their own company’s prospects for growth.