Our Mission

What is TheGRCBlueBook?

TheGRCBlueBook is the Internet’s largest online GRC risk knowledge base featuring vendors from around the world.  How can we make that claim? Because TheGRCBlueBook is a database of GRC databases of vendor solutions from across the internet in one location. However, the core mission of TheGRCBlueBook is changing in exciting new ways.

TheGRCBlueBook is and will always be a FREE resource for risk and compliance professionals representing all highly regulated industries from the public and private sectors of business and government. James Bone, a leader in risk management, is the founder of TheGRCBlueBook. James has 36 years of senior management experience managing risk for some of the largest firms in financial services, government agencies and healthcare. 

James is the author of “Cognitive Hack, The New Battleground in Cyber Security..the Human Mind” and creator of the first Cognitive Risk Framework for Cybersecurity (CRFC).  James Bone also is a lecturer at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies in New York City teaching graduate students Enterprise Risk Management and author of numerous articles on risk practice for Corporate Compliance Insights, Compliance Week and Life Science Compliance Updates.

The new mission of TheGRCBlueBook is to become THE single largest advocate for promoting awareness and growth of technology solutions and services for managing risks and improving operational excellence. TheGRCBlueBook strives to provide transparency and insights into the market for selecting tools to manage risk without the inherent conflicts of interest.

Risk management is evolving and so are the tools and resources to manage increasingly complex risks. TheGRCBlueBook strives to be the most affordable and transparent option for promoting risk, audit, compliance and IT services globally.

TheGRCBlueBook is your access to the global market for tools to manage risk!

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Mission Statement

The mission of The GRC Blue Book is based on four key principles: 

  • Become a trusted source for risk and compliance professionals seeking transparent and objective information on the tools to manage risk of all kinds in any organization globally
  • Become the largest online advocate of service providers to risk and business professionals
  • Operate transparently in providing insights into the market for choosing service providers
  • Provide an affordable option, free of conflicts of interest, for service providers to educate their corporate buyers

Please review the welcome guide to the GRC Tools & Reviews!

James Bone, Executive Director of TheGRCBlueBook